Webinar – District Heating and cooling: planning & digitalisation


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: March 10,
  • TIME: 10:30-12:00
  • LOCATION: Webinar

10 March 2020

Some learnings of two European projects about district heating and cooling will be at the core of this free webinar.

As part of the Horizon 2020 project TEMPO, 6 technologies are developed and demonstrated that aim to reduce the temperature levels in new and existing DH networks, ranging from innovative piping and buffers to new digital tools and controllers. An introduction to the technologies will be the start of this web conference.

In addition, one core technology of TEMPO is the ability to automate the detection and diagnosis of faults and deviations, as well as quantifying the benefit of fixing that same fault or deviation. A short overview will be given of how this is done through the TEMPO analysis process.

Various tools exist to help you plan your DHC project before the actual deployment of your network. The transition Roadmaps and the CO2 calculation Excel tool, developed/adapted in the frame of the HeatNet NWE project, are two of them.

Experiences of the HeatNet NWE pilots were gathered into individual roadmaps which contain information about their local energy sources, development opportunities, stakeholders’ analysis, the current status of district heating in the country, policy regime and financing options selected so that you could learn from them.

In addition, the Danish District Heating Assessment Tool adapted by Cerema to the local context of NWE countries will provide you with a first assessment of the economic benefits ((NPV, IRR, costs on 20 years) of your project and its environmental performances against individual solutions.

This webinar is relevant to public sector staff working in areas such as planning, policy, engineering, and facilities management.
It is also a great opportunity for those working in the energy and construction sectors to gain an insight into heat networks.


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