200 years of geothermal energy celebrated in Larderello (Italy)


  • PUBLISHED: May 9, 2018

It was on May 8th 1818 that Francesco Larderel started the first activity that used geothermal for industrial uses; decades later, in 1904, the Prince Ginori Conti started the first production of electricity from renewable energy sources. To mark this important anniversary, CNR-IGG (Institute of Geosciences and Georgesources-National Research Council), in collaboration with Enel Green Power, organised a two-day event retracing the history, the developments, and future perspectives of geothermal energy in terms of sustainability and innovation.

On Tuesday, authoritative experts discussed several topics in roundtables dedicated to “Geothermal energy in the world”, “Environmental aspects of geothermal energy”, “Sustainability and Innovation”.

Yeserday, in a site visit, Enel Green Power illustrated the fascinating history of geothermal, starting from the first historical traces of geothermal energy, including the Roman Etruscan baths and reports on the thermal waters of Volterra and Populonia, up until the discovery by Uberto Francesco Hoefer, in 1777, of boric acid in the lake of Monterotondo Marittimo.  Reno, “Provisioner of the real pharmacies” of Tuscany, the subsequent launch of the chemical activity in 1818, the beginning of the electrical industry up to the present innovations. Today, geothermal energy in Tuscany supplies over 30% of the regional energy needs and has an established know-how that has been exported to North America, Chile and other parts of the world.

“It’s been 200 years – said Massimo Montemaggi for Enel Green Power – but this old and elegant lady that is geothermal energy still has a young spirit, thanks to her constant strive for innovation and sustainability. The technological excellence of the geothermal sector allows the undertaking of innovative paths and constant optimisation on all fronts, from the efficiency of the plants to the digitization processes, up to the environmental integration”.

Source: Enel Italia press release

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