What the geothermal world needs to know about COP21

In order to help EGEC members to prepare for COP21, a briefing note which presents the context of the event and negotiation and includes a timetable of key events and EGEC activities, has been prepared.
A list of key events can be found below. The full note is available in the members section of the website.

State of the Energy Union reaffirms Commission’s willingness to lead on the EU’s renewables ambition

Statement from EU Renewable Energy industries on the State of the Energy Union

EGEC, together with other European renewable energy industry organisations, welcome the first State of the Energy Union which reiterates the Commission’s commitment to a decarbonised energy system and sets milestones for the future governance of the Energy Union.

Renewable energy (for electricity, heating & cooling and transport) is a transversal element of the Energy Union. In particular, the role of renewables in energy security and energy efficiency is critical to reaching a sustainable, competitive and secure energy system in Europe.
The COP21 conference is a stark reminder that the European Union needs to step up its ambition on renewables. Whereas an increasing number of developing countries are accelerating their efforts to combat climate change by setting long-term renewable energy objectives, only four EU Member States have so far come forward with concrete renewable energy targets beyond 2020.

A robust and reliable governance system is necessary to fill in the current regulatory vacuum and to ensure that the EU has a strong home market able to deliver the economic and job creation bene-fits of renewable energies to European citizens.

The European renewables industry therefore welcomes the Commission’s commitment to:

Review EU Buildings Directive: EGEC calls for better implementation, reward of renewables for heating and cooling

The European Commission is set to review the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EBPD) by 1 January 2017. In its contribution to the public consultation, EGEC highlights the merits of this Directive but also it points out that its implementation has, in some cases, penalised the most efficient technologies which provide both heating and cooling. Further guidance is needed from the European Commission to support member states in their work and to ensure a comparable level of ambition across Europe.

EGEC also underlines the need for a coherent approach between different EU directives. More effort is needed to address the existing building stock in the review of the Energy Efficiency Directive and to encourage fuel switch to renewable heating and cooling technologies in the forthcoming review of the RES-Directive. In particular, the new RES Directive is a good opportunity to address some regulatory gaps, including the lack of any EU-wide approach to renewable cooling.

The EGEC contribution was developed in cooperation with the newly established EGEC Task Force on Shallow Geothermal. For further information, please read the executive summary.

Abstracts accepted until 8th November 2015

With the number of submitted abstracts more than trebling in the last few days, and a number of requests to extent the submission period, the European Geothernal Congress 2016 online abstract submission tool will be kept available until Sunday, 8th November, to give more time to those who have not yet been able to submit their paper.

You are advised, however, to submit your abstract as soon as possible.

Visit egc to submit your abstract

Geothermal News, October 2016

The October Edition of the EGEC newsletter is out now.

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EGC Online abstract submission remains open until 8th November
Thank you to Victor Van Heekeren- In praise of European/ national collaboration.
Award for Geothermal at the SET-Plan conference

Policy Updates

Review EU Buildings Directive: EGEC calls for better implementation, reward of renewables for heating and cooling

EGEC views on a new electricity market design


Authorisation given for new drillings near Strasbourg, France

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