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European Energy Security Strategy: An action plan for fuel switching in the heating and electricity sector and a more ambitious 2030 RES target is needed.

EGEC welcomes the publication today of the EC´s Stress Test Communication, and the recognition that “Around half of the EU’s primary energy consumption is spent on heating”.

One week before the European Council decides on the EU climate and energy package and especially on 2030 targets for RES, EE and GHG emissions, this is a clear signal to be more ambitious in the answer to the energy dependency challenge.
Both Renewables for heating and cooling and Flexible RES electricity need better recognition.

Moreover, EGEC is dedicated to working with the European Commission, Member States and the European Parliament to develop the following action plan for fuel switching in the heating and electricity sectors:

The truth unveiled: Geothermal has the lowest public support, but best load factor and the lowest full costs.

EGEC reacts to EU study on energy costs and subsidies and calls for concrete support.

The European Commission presented today an interim report unveiling for the first time data on costs and subsidies across the various generation technologies in the electricity sector and covering all EU Member States.

The study clearly shows that geothermal power technologies present the highest load factor – even higher than nuclear- with competitive costs (per KWh, estimated external costs included). The report shows that the level of support given to geothermal is insignificant compared to other mature or less mature technologies, even though the sector is ready to deploy new innovative technologies.

Geothermal is a predictable, reliable and flexible source of energy, with the highest load factor of all technologies, and can balance the electrical grid. Its development is not distorting the market.

Exemptions for geothermal from the new stricter state aid rules should be put in place in order to ensure effective support, of which other technologies have widely benefited.

Read the full EGEC reaction here

European Geothermal Days- September 2014

Geothermal was the buzzword in the capital of Europe at the End of September, with a number of events looking at development of both heating
and power in Europe.

19th September: Private EU-Icelandic meeting on Geothermal Development
22nd September: Rescuing Europe From Energy Dependency: The Role of Renewables. Information and presentations available here.
22nd September: European Conference on Geothermal District Heating. Information and presentations available here.
23rd September: Geothermal Panel Meeting, focus on DH. Information and presentations available here.
23rd September: EGEC AGM. Information available in members’ section soon.

EGEC Newsletter

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