Vacancy: Executive Director of the International Geothermal Association

The International Geothermal Association is recruiting a new Executive Director, to begin in January 2017

Candidates should have an academic degree, scientific reputation, strong networking skills, and outstanding competence and experience on the geothermal sector. Fluent written and spoken English is required.

The position will be located at the International Geothermal Centre in Bochum, Germany. The financing is secured for 2 years with an option for another 2 years.
Applications should be submitted by 4th November.

For further information, visit the IGA website.

How to develop support schemes for Renewable Heating and Cooling

The FROnT manual of good practices provides guidance for policy makers establishing successful support schemes for renewable heating and cooling. It does so in order to help them effectively deliver competitive, affordable, and sustainable solutions for consumers and at the national level.

The manual covers technical, economical, financial, legal and marketing aspects, and provides solutions according to various market conditions. It addresses the key success factors for support schemes and gives recommendations to policy makers and civil servants in ensuring long term development, designing and implementing, and evaluating schemes.

Download the report

Manual support LR

EGEC Reaction to the Non-Publication of the Energy Union Efficiency Package

It was expected that European Commission would launch its proposal for the ‘review of the energy efficiency directive and the energy performance of buildings directive’ this week , as a first step to implementing the EU Heating and Cooling (H&C) Strategy and the Energy Union principles.

Now postponed to December 2016, the European geothermal sector is confident that this additional time will be used for improving and clarify the current EU energy efficiency legislation.

We strongly believe that the conclusions of the H&C Strategy should firstly be implemented through the following measures:

Global Geothermal Reporting Standard launched

A globally-applicable and harmonised standard for reporting geothermal resources has been approved for the United Nations Framework for Fossil Energy and Mineral Reserves and Resources 2009 (UNFC).
Established after several years of work, in which EGEC was involved, the new international system and a standardised terminology for reporting geothermal resources will build trust and understanding of the geothermal industry with investors, regulators and the general public alike.
Read the press release for more information or download the final geothermal specifications

Declaration of Intent on Deep Geothermal Energy endorsed by SET plan steering group

The new integrated SET-Plan Communication defines the EU’s Research and Innovation strategy for coming years. It identifies actions based on system needs, adapts structures created under the original SET plan to ensure more effective interaction between stakeholders, and measures progress against established performance indicators.The plan focuses on 10 actions, the first two of which concern Europe becoming number one in renewables.

The European Commission is publishing a series of ‘Issues Papers’ which form the bases for consultation with stakeholders. The Issues Paper on deep geothermal received input from EGEC, the ETIP on Deep Geothermal, and several other stakeholders and resulted in a Declaration of Intent, which has now been approved. The Declaration of Intent records the agreement reached between representatives of the European Commission services, representatives of the EU Member States, Iceland, Norway, Turkey and Switzerland, (i.e. the SET-Plan Steering Group) and representatives from the SET-Plan stakeholders on the implementation of the actions contained in the SET-Plan Communication.

The Decoration of Intent is available on the SETIS website.