EGEC Newsletter May 2015

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Country update reports from the World Geothermal Congress
EU Energy Union

The Heat Under Your Feet: promoting geothermal heat pumps

The Heat Under Your Feet is a European campaign aimed at promoting the use of geothermal heat pumps and tackle some of the challenges and barriers that leave the potential of this technology unexplored or underdeveloped in many European countries. It is launched as part of the EU-Funded ReGeoCities project.

The heating and cooling sector for buildings is today, for the large majority, dominated by the use of fossil fuels such as natural gas and heating oil. This means it is contributing heavily to costly fossil fuels imports, exposure to price volatility and security of supply, and production of harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Geothermal heat pumps are the perfect solution to replace fossil fuels and reverse these unsustainable situation. Their wide range of application, their efficiency, their reliability, all strongly contribute to provide affordable heat, to reduce emissions, and to save primary energy.

EGEC Newsletter April 2015

The 55th edition of the EGEC newsletter is now available and can be downloaded here.



  • A resilient Energy Union: Solution lies in fuel switch to renewables in the heating and electricity sectors. EGEC publishes new action plan
  • EU Parliament backs Juncker Plan: inter-institutional negotiations on track for early adoption

A resilient Energy Union: Solution lies in fuel switch to renewables in the heating and electricity sectors. EGEC publishes new action plan.

The EU’s energy security is at risk. Europe is hugely dependent on fossil fuel imports, in particular on the natural gas used to cover its extensive heating demand.

With the increasing deployment of variable renewables, the EU electrical system requires more flexible generation. Natural gas as backup must be discarded: the more it is used, the more the EU is dependent on energy imports, and the more it moves away from achieving energy security.

With the new Energy Union, the only viable option to address this challenge is to improve energy efficiency and to replace fossil fuel consumption and imports with stable renewable energy sources in the heating and electricity sectors. Energy efficiency is not sufficient to solve such a long-standing structural problem.

Global gathering celebrates the continuing success story of global growth in both geothermal power generation and heat production

The largest gathering of the global geothermal community, the World Geothermal Congress 2015, highlights the sector’s continuing growth and its important contribution to the movement towards a sustainable energy future.

Delegates heard that Europe has huge potential for both power and heat, is the birthplace of the technology, and is still one of the world leaders in terms of expertise. In spite of this, the market is merely growing steadily instead of booming, whilst Europe’s neighbours forge ahead.

The World Geothermal Congress 2015 concluded today in Melbourne, Australia. Held every five years, the event is the largest and most important gathering of the global geothermal community. More than 1,600 participants are attending a number of short courses, technical presentations, side events, and an extensive exhibition of geothermal companies and organisations from around the world. The event is co-hosted by New Zealand, where a number of short courses and field trips to geothermal plants will take place next week.