The Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Award

The Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Award is given to companies which have made an outstanding contribution towards the field of geothermal energy in the form of innovative products, scientific research or project initiatives.

Endorsed nominations 2020:

Press release about the nominations.

The Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Award

The annual European award for innovation in the geothermal field has been renamed in memory of Ruggero Bertani, who passed away in June 2018. The award is now designated the Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Award.

Endorsed nominations and the award winner are recognised for their outstanding work and impact on a growing and dynamic industry. The award recognises originality, innovation, reliability, reduction of emissions and improvements in energy output, an opportunity for industry peers to acknowledge excellence, and for the most exciting ideas to be widely publicised.

Applications are assessed on grounds of originality, innovation, reliability, reduction of emissions, and improvements in energy output.

The winner is announced during the award ceremony at GeoTHERM expo & congress.

The Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Award is an initiative from EGEC Geothermal in collaboration with Messe Offenburg, organisers of the GeoTHERM expo & congress.

For any additional information, contact the EGEC secretariat at

Eligibility of the entries

The competition is calling for projects, processes, products and initiatives from European companies, entities, or organisations across all value chain and geothermal applications, provided that they are located or have operations within Europe.

The entry can cover a new concept or the development of an existing process or product to provide an innovative and sustainable approach, developed or released within the previous year. Benefits, improvements and reliability of the innovation should be clearly stated in the entry form.

If research projects, to be qualified as innovation, nominees should have technology readiness level (TRL), as defined by the Horizon 2020 Work Programme, of 7 or higher.

Participants can submit one innovation per entity per year. Unsuccessful applications will be eligible for nomination at future awards.

No entry fee is required.

Application process

In the first stage, the jury will review all entries received by the deadline. From these entries five innovations will be selected and announced as “endorsed nominees” ahead of the upcoming GeoTHERM Expo & Congress.

In the second stage, the jury selects the company to be awarded from the five “endorsed nominees”. This decision will be kept secret until the award ceremony during the Evening Reception of GeoTHERM.

Only the name of innovation and the submitting organisation will be shared in the public domain in case of being shortlisted. No other information provided will be publicly disclosed.

Timeline 2020
  • Deadline for applications: 14th January  2020
  • Announcement endorsed nominations: 6th February
Jury 2020
  • Adele Manzella, CNR-IGG, Italy
  • Miklos Antics, EGEC President
  • Javier Urchueguia, Chairman geothermal panel RHC ETIP, UPV, Spain
  • Fausto Batini – Magma Energy, ETIP-DG President, Italy
  • Sandra Kircher, Head of Trade Fairs, Geotherm Expo&Congress, Germany

The previous winners of the European Geothermal Innovation Award

2019: Jansen HIPRESS borehole heat exchanger, a novel technology for applications in depths of 300+ meters, that allows the exploitation of high temperatures at greater depths improving, at the same time, the efficiency of the heat pump. Read about it here.

An interview to Dietmar Alge, head of
the Geothermal Systems division at Jansen, was published in the EGEC Geothermal Market Report 2018.

2018: GDF Latin America, the first multi-donor climate initiative offering risk mitigation for surface studies and appraisal drillings during the exploration phase of geothermal projects in Latin America. Read about it here.

An interview to Dr. Christoph Sigrist and Arndt Wierheim was published in the EGEC Geothermal Market Report 2017.


2017: enOware, for their miniaturised sensor which allows to professionally plan, monitor and measure near-surface geothermal probes. Read about it here.

2016: Exergy, for the world’s first 2-pressure-level cycle on a single-disk turbine demonstrated in Denizli Tosunlar geothermal plant, Turkey. Read about it here

2015: MijnWater, For the innovative infrastructure for the distribution of mine water throughout the municipality of Heerlen. Read about it here

2014: BESTEC, for their contribution to the development of commercial EGS projects. Read about it here

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