An industrial strategy for a geothermal lithium battery value-chain in Europe


  • PUBLISHED: May 20, 2020

Today EGEC released a policy paper outlining an industrial strategy for a sustainable geothermal lithium battery value chain in Europe.

Lithium is the foundation stone for the new industrial revolution, which is based on clean energy production and efficient usage, electric mobility and the internet of interconnectivity.

The EU is dependent on lithium imports. The European Green Deal needs to embed the entire value chain lifecycle from raw material extraction to end use recycling.

Priority should be given to sustainable and cost-effective lithium extraction from geothermal plants, as they produce not only the valuable metal, but also renewable electricity, heating and cooling.

The multiplicity of advantages from geothermal energy can be a factor of competitiveness for the European economy where a single renewable resource can provide security of supply for the decarbonisation of several economic sectors.

The policy architecture to deliver self sufficiency in geothermal lithium production requires:

  1. Clear target: 25% of lithium used in EU battery manufacture should come from European geothermal resources by 2030
  2. Incentives: the European industry needs incentives to invest, scale up and come ahead in the global geothermal lithium race
  3. Map of EU resources: Funding for geothermal exploration is key
  4. Less administrative burdens: The administration and licensing for geothermal lithium should be streamlined to accelerate development

Download EGEC’s paper on geothermal lithium

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