Anti-corrosion well concept validated in the Paris basin


  • PUBLISHED: July 31, 2018

On July 20, GPC IP successfully completed a new anti-corrosion, fiberglass lined, production well at the Bonneuil-sur-Marne geothermal district heating site, in the Paris outskirt, scoring a new success and milestone in smart well architecture.

The well combines a large steel cased propping column and a twin fiberglass production liner assembly, the casing x liner annulus being kept free (i.e. not cemented), a design initiated in 1985 on the emblematic Melun l’Almont geothermal district heating well and completed though via a simplified architecture and production (self-flowing) mode.

The additional capital investment costs will get payed back in less than eight years thanks to yearly operation/maintenance (OM) costs savings. It is expected this smart well material answer to thermochemically hostile corrosive fluid environments, elsewhere securing well longevities and low operation/maintenance (OM) costs, raises due interest among geothermal operators and stakeholders.

The project, due to its innovative impact, was awarded financial support from ADEME, the French Environmental Agency.

Read more in the full press release.

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