EGEC calls for a binding target on energy efficiency


  • PUBLISHED: June 26, 2017

For an ambitious and coherent 2030 framework for climate and energy policies, binding targets are needed for energy savings, renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction. This is the successful triangle for an 80%-95% GHG emission reduced Europe by 2050 and be in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

Our sector believes that the current energy and climate policies must be completed by setting a binding target on energy efficiency for 2030 of at least 30%. To ensure a coherent 2030 framework, it is necessary to have energy savings in Europe’s heating and cooling, transport and electricity sectors. A binding energy savings target as well as an ambitious roadmap on how to improve energy efficiency are needed to further advance to a resource-efficient and renewable energy system. Objectives going beyond a 30% improvement of energy efficiency by 2030 is a much welcome step on the road to securing the 2°C target.

The geothermal energy sector is a major proponent of the energy efficiency first principle. Geothermal high efficient systems such as geothermal heat pumps, geothermal district heating and cogeneration based on geothermal energy are solutions for a more efficient supply of energy based on a renewable energy source, notably for the heating and cooling sector.

EGEC now urges the Members of the European Parliament and the Council to support more ambition on energy efficiency.

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