Ending EGC2022 with great results and a new destination for 2025


  • PUBLISHED: October 20, 2022

The biggest geothermal event in Europe has just ended. More than 1300 participants attended EGC2022. What is next? Working together to ensure geothermal is at the core of the energy transition.

The entire geothermal value chain calls on governments and regulators to empower the industry to invest at the scale required to address the current energy supply and price emergency, climate crisis, and economic malaise.

Following the conversation about current and future challenges, EGEC has just announced the location and date of the following EGC in 2025. Zurich (Switzerland) will be the host city, from 6 to 10 October 2025. This time, Geothermie-Suisse will be the co-organizer.

‘’We are honoured to have been chosen to organize EGC 2025 and happy to contribute with our expertise to develop the geothermal market. Our motivation is to connect actors from economy, authorities, and academia for the integration of geothermal energy in the European energy mix: connect4geothermal!’’ mentioned Cédric Höllmüller and Jérôme Faessler from Geothermie-Suisse

Geothermie-Suisse  is the umbrella organization for the geothermal sector in Switzerland. The association is committed to ensuring that geothermal energy is recognized as an environmentally friendly, indigenous, and reliable source of energy and that it becomes an important pillar of Switzerland’s heat and power supply and cooling system. To this end, it facilitates dialogue between the various stakeholders.

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