Europe’s most innovative geothermal projects of 2018


  • PUBLISHED: January 28, 2019

EGEC is pleased to announce the five endorsed nominations for the Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Award 2019. The final candidates are (in alphabetical order):

  • CLIMEON (Sweden), for the geothermal plant Fludaorka, Iceland, where a HeatPower module of 2x2x2 m and 150 kW can produce electricity from low temperature geothermal resources (80–130°C).
  • GEOFLUID (France), for their anti-corrosion well concept implemented at the district heating grid of Bonneuil-sur-Marne, France.
  • GPC IP (France), for the validation of the sub-horizontal doublet and reservoir evaluation concept at the district heating system in Cachan, Paris.
  • JANSEN AG (Switzerland), for the Jansen HIPRESS borehole heat exchanger for applications in depths of 300+ meters.
  • TURBODEN (Italy), for the first 5 stages large axial ORC turbine, as installed on the Velika Ciglena geothermal power plant, Croatia.

This year as well, the high-quality of submitted applications for projects developed within the previous year made for a challenging competition, showing that the geothermal sector is brimming with unceasing innovation.

“We see a continuous trend in the geothermal sector towards increased efficiency, reduction of costs, and increased attention to social benefits,” said Philippe Dumas, EGEC Secretary General. “We are glad that the award is reflecting that. It is important to continue to support this constant improvement both at European and national level in order to keep Europe’s leadership in Research & Innovation.”

The Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Award is Award is an initiative from EGEC, the European Geothermal Energy Council, in collaboration with Messe Offenburg, organisers of the GeoTHERM fair and congress. It is given to companies which have made an outstanding contribution towards the field of geothermal energy in the form of innovative products, scientific research or project initiatives.

In 2019, the annual European award for innovation in the geothermal field has been renamed in memory of Ruggero Bertani, who passed away in June 2018 at the age of 62. A world’s leading expert on geothermal power production, Ruggero Bertani was President of EGEC since 2016.

The jury for 2019 is composed of Attila Kujbus (Hungary, representing EGEC), Adele Manzella (Italy, research expert), Sandra Kircher (Germany, representing Messe Offenburg), Bruno Leray (France, representing ETIP-DG, industry expert), and Javier Urchueguia (Spain, representing RHC-ETIP geothermal panel). The Jury will now deliberate to select an overall winner which will be announced on 14th February at the GeoTHERM expo & congress in Offenburg (Germany).

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