6th Polish National Geothermal Congress


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: October 23-25, 2018
  • TIME:
  • LOCATION: Zakopane, Poland

The 6th National Geothermal Congress of Poland will take place in Zakopane, Oct. 23-25, 2018 bringing together the Polish geothermal sector to discuss technical and development issues for geothermal energy utilisation in Poland.

The Theme of the Congress

  • Geothermal energy in sustainable development, raw materials policy, energy and economic policy in Poland and the EU
  • Recognition of resources and conditions of occurrence of geothermal waters and energy in Poland
  • Geothermal heat plants in Poland – experience, development plans, selected aspects of work
  • Geothermal spas and recreation centers in Poland
  • Heat pumps in geothermal energy, underground storage of heat and cold
  • Review of ongoing and planned research projects and the use of geothermal waters and energy
  • Directions of research development and use of geothermal energy in Poland
  • Successes, problems and prospects of geothermal energy in Poland
  • Legal and economic conditions for the development of geothermal energy in Poland
  • Sessions with participation of companies from the geothermal industry
  • Other issues


To register for the 6th National Geothermal Congress, please register via the application form, which is available HERE .

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