Bridging the gap: The Use of Mine water source high-temperature heat pump for DGE


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: February 8, 2022
  • TIME:
  • LOCATION: Online

In order to achieve the European and German CO2 reduction targets, of fundamental importance is the development of sustainable and renewable solutions for the heating sector, especially in the populated regions of North-West Europe (NWE) that largely rely on coal.

With this motivation, two projects were initiated: Geothermica HeatStore and NWE-Interreg DGE-Rollout. Within HeatStore, the development of a high-temperature mine thermal energy storage (HT-MTES) pilot plant is planned. During the summer, solar thermal energy will heat up the water present in a small flooded mine situated at the premises of Fraunhofer IEG, in Bochum. As part of DGE-Rollout, during the heating season, the mine water will be the heat source of a high-temperature heat pump (HTHP) that will be connected to the district heating (DH) grid.

Enterprises, SME, and national public authorities can profit from the project’s experience offered in this talk for future investment decisions and regulations. In fact, on the one hand, the possibility to exploit flooded mine galleries as heat sources has a large potential in many regions of NWE in which underground mining was highly developed. On the other hand, it is possible to prove that environmentally friendly solutions such as heat pumps can be employed for elevated supply temperatures. This allows their exploitation starting from now for the energy transformation without the need for refurbishment of the entire district heating network.


The webinar will be held within the video conference tool MS-Teams. Please register via e-mail to in order to receive the free access link.  

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