Carbon pricing for heat: How a carbon price and the Climate Social Fund can accelerate decarbonisation of buildings


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: December 10, 2021
  • TIME: 11:00
  • LOCATION: Online

The energy price crisis has focused the need to replace the use of fossil fuels for heating by renewables and energy efficiency.
Buildings account for 36% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. The majority of these emissions come from the use of fossil fuels for space heating and hot water.

Unlike other sectors of the economy, these emissions do not have a carbon price applied to them.

The European Commission has proposed extending the EU Emissions Trading System to cover heating in buildings as well as a Climate Social Fund to ensure adequate finance is available to replace fossil heat with that from sustainable and lower cost renewable energy solutions.

Introduction: Hans Bergman, European Commission

Panel discussion:
Jytte Guteland MEP
Dörte Fouquet, European Renewable Energies Federation
Samuel Thomas, Regulatory Assistance Project
Brigitte Boso, Climate Action Network Europe

Moderator: Sanjeev Kumar, EGEC Head of Policy

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