East Africa Geothermal Facility Online Webinar Series


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: May 11 - 13, 2021
  • TIME: 9:00 (CEST)
  • LOCATION: Online

The Africa Geothermal Facility is pleased to invite you to participate in an online series of webinars on geothermal energy. The courses are intended to reach a range of professionals across the geothermal technical disciplines. They are open to both the public and private East Africa energy sector workforce including energy experts such as Geoscientists, Reservoir and Drilling Engineers, Power Plant Engineers and other technical specialisations, Directors/Managers, Project Managers and Developers, Ministry staff, Energy Agencies, Companies, Regulatory Bodies, Universities, Transmission and Distribution entities and more.

The Geothermal Institute has run several online webinars for East Africa and this latest series builds on those foundations. The webinars are generally 1.5 hours in length and include a pre-recorded video presentation, possibly with links to additional reading, followed by a live Q&A session to enable participants’ questions to be addressed within the session. The course presenters are internationally recognised experts in their field from New Zealand and they will be available during live Q&A sessions. Depending on interest and expertise, participants can choose which sessions to attend or attend the whole series.

The following webinar topics are planned:

·         The inter-disciplinary geoscience roles required during geothermal exploration and development.

·         Geothermal Well Testing.

·         District and reservoir-scale geologic controls on geothermal fluid flux.

·         UNFC classification system – Overview and Application to renewables generally.

·         Project Feasibility Studies – Feasibility and Pre-Feasibility Studies content and guidelines.

·         Controlling scaling in the power plant and injection systems.

·         UNFC classification system – Application to Geothermal.

·         Developing lower temperature systems – resource, exploration, pumping, power plant.

·         Steamfield systems – from wells to power plant, layout options and design considerations.

Registration  is now open for the first two sessions.

May 11 – 9 am (CEST) – The inter-disciplinary geoscience roles required during geothermal exploration and development.

May 13 – 9 am (CEST) – Geothermal Well Testing.

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