European Shallow Geothermal Days 2020


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: December 4 - 9 - 11, 2020
  • TIME: 10:00 - 13:00
  • LOCATION: Online

Heat represents more than half of Europe’s energy needs and the vast majority of it comes from fossil fuels. Shallow geothermal energy can be the key to decarbonise heating and cooling, being a clean and mature technology that could be installed anywhere in Europe. Yet, it is widely considered as a niche technology, even if in a few countries such as Sweden and Finland, is becoming mainstream and 2 million geothermal heat pumps have already been installed.

The 2nd edition of the “European Shallow Geothermal Energy Days” took place on 4th, 9th and 11th December 2020. It connected policy makers, scientists, and professionals to discuss ways to boost the market uptake of geothermal heat pumps and underground thermal energy storage.

This 2020 event was organised by the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC), the Renewable Heating and Cooling Platform (RHC-ETIP), GEOTRAINET aisbl and Geothermal DHC COST action, with the support of the GeoERA-MUSE project, EuroGeoSurveys, GEOCOND project and EHPA.


Friday 4th December – 10:00 to 12:00 CET 
Policy and market session: Seize the Renovation Wave to decarbonise heating and cooling

This policy session will discuss how Renovation Wave, Smart System Integration and the upcoming recast of the EU legislation on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency are great opportunities to decarbonise the European heating and cooling sector, if well designed.

The session aims at depicting the expected and possible future role of shallow geothermal energy in the “European Green Deal”. It will also discuss how shallow geothermal systems can contribute to decarbonisation and which non-technological hurdles need to be removed.

Session 1: Opening keynotes


Session 2: Panel discussion
The expected and potential role of shallow geothermal energy in the “European Green Deal”

Thomas Garabetian, EGEC Senior Policy Adviser – Moderator

Closing remarks, MEP Martin Hojsík, Renew Europe

Watch the recording here


Wednesday 9th December – 10:00 to 13:00 CET
Innovative and good practices of shallow geothermal energy across Europe and abroad

This session will focus on key concepts and measures to widen the scope of shallow geothermal in Europe. This session will look at the novel and promising technological concepts and good practices to operate and manage shallow geothermal in an efficient and sustainable way. The session will address solutions from Europe and abroad.


Watch the recording here


Friday 11th December 10:00 to 12:30 CET
Research and innovation session: Breakthroughs in shallow geothermal technologies

Part 1: Financing research projects – 10:00 to 11:00

Presentation of EU Funding


Part 2: Research on Life Cycle Assessment of geothermal – 11:00 to 12:30

Workshop on LCA to present best practices, draw lessons learnt, review methodology, and design policy recommendations:

Watch the recording here


Tuesday 15th December 2020

Side event – GEOTRAINET Annual General Meeting




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