GEO-ENERGY EUROPE Webinar : The role of innovation in the consolidation of a global geothermal industry


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: September 1st, 2022
  • TIME: 16:00 (CEST)
  • LOCATION: Online

The global geothermal energy industry is transforming rapidly: countries are building up capacity ever more rapidly, the use of geothermal energy for heating and cooling is rapidly growing, the production of critical raw materials of the energy transitions – such as lithium – is now a major priority of the geothermal sector. As geothermal energy expands globally, growing in its traditional markets and conquering new ones, we are also seeing the emergence of a global industry where investment priorities and technologies are less bounded by national frontiers, and where innovation drives new technologies development and expands the services geothermal energy can provide. In this session we will focus on exploring the role of research and innovation in the consolidation of a global geothermal industry, looking at R&I and strategic development priorities from notably the US and European market.

Find below the draft agenda of the event:

– Introduction

– Presentation of the European research and innovation priorities, Fausto Batini, ETIP DG Chairman

– Presentation of the US geothermal vision, Amanda Kolker, NREL Laboratory Programme Manager

– International cooperation on R&I: the GEOTHERMICA example

– The Geo-Energy Europe experience in promoting geothermal internationalisation – Virginie Schmidlé, AFPG Secretary General, GEODEEP


Find the presentations below:


Presentation by Fausto Batini Chairman of ETIP_DG

Presentation by Virginie Schmidlé, AFPG Secretary General, GEODEEP


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