• DATE OF THE EVENT: November 14 - 15 , 2023
  • TIME:
  • LOCATION: Berlin, Germany

Scale European geothermal operations by collaborating with the oil and gas industry to enhance commercial viability, and position geothermal energy as a core provider of green heat

  • Market Review: Examine the current state and projected growth of geothermal activity in Europe to conclude the steps required to enable significant growth
  • Policy Navigation: Review current regulations, such as permitting, to efficiently follow regulatory processes and debate how to engage policy makers into the growth of geothermal heating networks
  • Oil and Gas Transition: Utilise cross-sector collaboration and integrate oil and gas technology to mitigate operational challenges and maximise the potential of geothermal resources
  • Commercial Proficiency: Unlock external investment possibilities in geothermal operations and develop a best practice business case that demonstrates increasingly viable opportunities in geothermal energy
  • Key Applications: Explore the wide range of end-uses for geothermal energy and access cutting edge approaches to heating, cooling and power generation to apply learnings to your own portfolio
  • Scaling Operations: Consider the actions and technological developments required to evolve the geothermal industry into a key segment of the green energy portfolio to guide your next steps

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