Harnessing Geothermal Energy for a Sustainable Future


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: November 29, 2023
  • TIME:
  • LOCATION: Munich

Renewable energy is the future. It’s the fastest-growing source of energy as the world looks to increase supply via more stable, sustainable, and low-carbon operations. Geothermal energy is sustainable, efficient, and found just about everywhere, making it a keystone to giving the world access to clean, reliable power.


The Geothermal Technology Forum showcases Weatherford’s geothermal expertise, specialized technology, and innovative ideation that enables you to create sustainable offerings for maximized return on investment.

Together, we will explore our collaborative partnerships, technology developments, and successful real results. Learn more about:

  • Proven technologies for any geothermal environment
  • All well and integrated services in one place to help reduce operational project risk
  • Support for an efficient, carbon-neutral future

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