High energy prices: The role of geothermal in Europe’s energy system


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: March 14, 2022
  • TIME: 11:00
  • LOCATION: Online

– Commissioner Kadri Simson, keynote speaker –


Energy prices have soared in Europe because of the explosion of the price of natural gas after two years of pandemic, climate impacts and unforeseen supply chain disruptions. Because of the role of gas as the key provider of flexibility to the electricity system, this price increased has impacted European consumers in their heating bills as well as their electricity bills.

EGEC has published an action Plan for implementing geothermal in Europe and as a support for the European Institutions to implement the REpowerEU and face the energy crises. Eight actions to allow geothermal to REpowerEU.

Geothermal heating, cooling and power has already saved 10 bcm of gas and other fossil energy imports from Russia. It can deliver a 7.5 bcm reduction in Russian gas imports by 2022 and 130 GWth or 17.5 bcm of gas reduction by 2030.

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EGEC Action Plan: Eight actions to allow geothermal to REpowerEU.


The European Commission and Member States quickly stepped in to provide answers to the ongoing crisis. This event explored the role of a diversification of renewable energy sources, notably looking at geothermal energy technologies, in providing the necessary flexibility to avoid future disruptions and guarantee reliable energy at stable prices to European Consumers.

The event explored how geothermal energy technologies – which provide reliable and flexible electricity, heating and cooling – can be a key source of flexibility for the integrated energy system. The sought to provide recommendations for best practices in the geothermal industry, and how recently adopted measures at the European level can be an opportunity for market uptake.

Introduction Speech: Kadri Simson, Commissioner for Energy, European Commission

Nicolás González Casares, Member of the European Parliament

Claudia Gamon, Member of the European Parliament

Pierre Brossollet, CEO at Averne Group and President at Lithium de France

Philippe Dumas, Secretary General, EGEC Geothermal

Moderator: EGEC

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