ICDP Workshop UrbEnLab


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: June 18-20 , 2024
  • TIME:
  • LOCATION: Delft, the Netherlands

The Delft University of Technology campus is currently establishing the Delft Subsurface Urban Energy Laboratory. The DSUEL includes a well-instrumented geothermal doublet, which was successfully drilled and completed in 2023, reaching a depth of 2.5 km, an ultra-sensitive portable seismic monitoring array, the scientific monitoring components of a high-temperature aquifer heat storage system (HT-ATES, to be installed in 2024/2025), and a borehole array to monitor and protect groundwater supplies (also still to be installed).

Workshop to discuss “An urban energy laboratory for monitoring and a better understanding of subsurface processes related to low-enthalpy geothermal heat production”.

  • Application deadline: 29 February 2024
  • Download the WORKSHOP CALL

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