IGC Turkey 2017


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: May 22-24, 2017
  • TIME:
  • LOCATION: Izmir, Turkey

The Geothermal Congress in the Heart of the Geothermal Energy Industry in Turkey will again take place in 2017. After the successful first event held June 2016, the 2017 event will be even bigger.

So save the dates of May 22-24, 2017. The event will be held again in Izmir/ Turkey and will feature an exhibition, congress and a field trip.





Enerchange is an agency specialized in providing information services and consultancy in the area of renewable energies. Over the last ten years, Enerchange has developed a strong relationship to the media and has excellent experiences in the field of communication.

The agency also offers a wide variety of services at highest level: i.e. providing content for news portals, organising conferences and events or set up technical handbooks – on our own or by order of a third party. Due to the experiences of many events, Enerchange has a good overview of the industries and the opportunity to connect the players.

Dr. Jochen Schneider, Enerchange – is an experienced geologist dealing with renewable events at Enerchange and works on hydrochemical analyses at Hydrosion. He has managed a series of successful geothermal energy events in Germany and Turkey.


ThinkGeoEnergy is a corporate consultancy with a special focus on strategic work, research, marketing, communication & public relations related activities.

The firm operates the leading geothermal news website and network, covering the complete value chain of the geothermal power sector and industrial scale direct use sector globally. It is the key news source for all major players in the industry, as well as financial players, government organizations and related players, e.g. in the oil and gas sector. It also operates a Spanish- and Turkish-language geothermal news service.

Alexander Richter, Founder of ThinkGeoEnergy, the leading geothermal news platform, also working as a consultant on strategic, marketing, communication and public relation topics. He is the President of the International Geothermal Association (IGA).

JeotermalHaberler.com is a new Turkishlanguage geothermal news service, established by ThinkGeoEnergy, the leading global geothermal news platform.

Eren Günüç, Editor of JeotermalHaberler,
Eren Günüç is a senior geophysical engineer and a geothermal geoscientist at Geoexpect Consulting Services providing geothermal project development services in Turkey He is the editor of JeotermalHaberler – a new Turkishlanguage geothermal news platform, which is part of ThinkGeoEnergy.

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