Webinar – Integrating Northern Ireland’s and Kensa’s Visions for Geothermal Heating


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: February 9, 2023
  • TIME: 16:00 – 17:00 GMT
  • LOCATION: Online

Kensa recently presented a vision for a Green and Great Britain at the House of Commons in London. The centerpiece of this vision is networked heat pumps – individual heat pumps connected to ambient temperature district heating and ground source boreholes. Kensa’s approach brings together geology, communities, customers, technology, and investment and therefore links incredibly well with the vision for Geothermal Energy for Northern Ireland that was launched in June 2022 as part of #NIGeothermalWeek.

This webinar will describe Kensa’s current progress towards networked heat pumps, illustrated by some large-scale case studies in social housing and new builds. They will then describe a practical, place-based approach to heat decarbonization for different areas across Northern Ireland. Areas are categorized by their heat density to choose between three main geothermal/ground source techniques – central plant district heating, networked heat pumps, and individual heat pumps.


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