International Conference on District Energy 2018


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: March 18-20, 2018
  • TIME:
  • LOCATION: Portorož, Slovenia

The 21st International Conference on District Energy 2018, is taking place from the 18th – 20th March 2018 at the Grand Hotel Bernardin in Portorož, Slovenia.

The conference and presentations will focus on the following thematic areas:
1. Development of district heating and cooling systems striving to achieve the goals of the EU Winter package: • Efficient energy production • Efficient distribution and use of heating and cooling.
2. Digitalisation in the energy sector: • The trends of digitisation in the energy sector and the expected effects for producers, managers and end-users of energy.
3. Quo Vadis natural gas – sustainable or transitional energy? • The direction of the development of the market for natural gas and gas technologies during the European energy transformation.
4. Challenges of the development of smart city infrastructure – examples of good practice.
5. Energy efficiency measures and measures for environmental protection – examples of best practice.

All those who work in the field of district energy, and smart city managers, are invited to apply with a summary of their proposed presentation in accordance with the topics announced. The summary of the presentation should be no more than 200 words.
The deadline for the submission of summaries is 12.12.2017

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