Large-Scale Thermal Energy Storage – The Mutual Benefits to Heat and Electricity


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: April 27, 2022
  • TIME: 11:00 CET
  • LOCATION: Online

SP Energy Networks and EGEC (The voice of Geothermal in Europe) were pleased to co-present this event which covered findings from the discovery phase of the Heat Balance project and a presentation of European large-scale Thermal Energy Storage (TES) case studies.

SP Energy Networks’ Heat Balance is funded through the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) and is investigating the mutual benefits to heat and electricity of large-scale TES as part of the whole energy system. The project aims to develop a case study for a demonstration project of large-scale TES & smart controls within the beta phase of the SIF mechanism.

The purpose of this webinar was to discuss the learnings from the Heat Balance discovery phase alongside the European case studies presented by EGEC with a view to informing future project decisions.

The webinar included a presentation of the findings from Heat Balance’s initial techno economic assessment and an outline of the policy and regulatory challenges the project will face in future phases. This was accompanied by a presentation from EGEC on general lessons learned/status of large scale ATES based on the experience of EGEC and its members. Finally, we heard example case studies from ATES projects across Europe.

The webinar took place on 27 April.

Slide deck

SPEN Heat Balance Webinar 27.05.22 from Explain Market Research on Vimeo.




11.00 Opening and Agenda, Watson Peat

11.05 Overview, Philippe Dumas

11.12 SIF/Heat Balance Overview, Watson Peat

11.19 Heat Balance – Grid Considerations, Daniel Friedrich

11.26 Heat Balance – Sub Surface, Gioia Falcone

11.33 HEATSTORE project, Luca Guglielmetti

11.40 ECW HT-ATES full scale pilot, Bas Godschalk (recorded)

11.47 Flooded mines, Ben Laenen

11.54 Questions and panel discussion

12.55 Closing Remarks, Philippe Dumas


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