OFATE Conference – Financing the transition to renewable heat in France and Germany


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: February 9, 2023
  • TIME: All day [Starts at 09:00 CET]
  • LOCATION: Online

On February 9, 2023, the Franco-German Office for Energy Transition (OFATE) is organizing an online conference on the following subject:

Financing the transition to renewable heat
in France and Germany

The decarbonization of heat plays a decisive role in the success of the energy transition. Indeed, the use of heat represents more than 40% of final energy consumption in France, and even more than 50% in Germany. Long neglected compared to the electricity sector, the share of renewable heat reaches around 20% in France and around 15% in Germany.

Since Europe turned away from Russian natural gas, this transition to renewable heat has received increased attention. This online conference will therefore be an opportunity to take stock of the situation of renewable heat in France and Germany and to discuss the possibilities of financing this thermal transition.

In this context, the following questions will be at the center of the discussions:

  • What are the financing potentials of the different renewable heat technologies?
  • What is the current regulatory framework for renewable heat and what support mechanisms exist in the two countries?
  • What is the feedback on the financing of renewable heat projects?

The event is aimed at all players in the energy sector in France and Germany. It will take place online and will be translated simultaneously into French and German.

More information and registration here.

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