Planning a geothermal project: what should I know?


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: December 3, 2021
  • TIME: 9:30
  • LOCATION: Online

EGEC is organising an event to explain how a geothermal project is planned, and how is impacted by permitting.

To develop a geothermal district heating systems around 5 years are needed, for a geothermal electricity plant is last 7 years.

The event will present how his is done and an open debate with participants will envisage how such duration can be reduced.



9h30 – 9h40 Introduction and moderation: Philippe Dumas, EGEC Secretary General

9h40 – 10h25 Session 1: Presenting how to plan a geothermal project

10h25 – 11h00 Session 2: open debate on how to reduce duration of project development


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