The future of geothermal projects in Sofia and in the country


  • DATE OF THE EVENT: May 12, 2023
  • TIME: All Day
  • LOCATION: Sofia, Bulgaria - NV Tower, bul. G.M. Dimitrov 59

The goal of the conference is to organize an open professional discussion on the topic of practical ways for implementation of the geothermal potential in Sofia region and in the country. The topic is of increased importance having in mind the planning and implementation of municipal programs for the decrease of dust concentration in the air of the city and the expected contribution of these projects to that.

Actual information about developments and market implementations of leading technological companies in this area will be presented, as well as technical and economic performance characteristics of similar projects.

Some preliminary data about the general geothermal potential of different regions in Bulgaria will be communicated, in parallel with the presentation of a general strategy for practical implementation of the potential and draft program for future activities.

Participation fee:120 BGN, (€ 62 ) VAT included.

Detailed Agenda here


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