#GeoInnAwards2020 Finalist: CarbFix


  • PUBLISHED: February 27, 2020

The EU-funded CarbFix project has been selected as one of the five outstanding finalists of the Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Awards 2020.

The CarbFix process captures CO2 and other sour gases from emission sources. In less than two years, 95% of these gases are transformed into rocks underground. The process was designed to help nature rebalance the carbon cycle by mimicking natural mineralisation of CO2 in favorable rock formations.

A devoted research and innovation team transformed CarbFix from an idea on paper to a proven, reliable process on an industrial scale in less than eight years; an effort led by scientists at the University of Iceland, Columbia University, CNRS and Reykjavik Energy.

CarbFix has large global scaling potential in and beyond the geothermal industry. The plans to apply this technology to sites in Italy, Turkey and Germany are well underway. The ambition is to become a key instrument in tackling the climate crisis and slashing global CO2 emissions.

The winner of this year edition will be announced on 5th March at the GeoTHERM Expo & Congress in Offenburg (Germany).

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