#GeoInnAwards2021 Nominees: MegaWatt Solutions


  • PUBLISHED: April 16, 2021

MegaWatt Solutions has been short listed as one of the six exceptional nominees of the Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Awards 2021 with the “EBox Geoenergy Solar Hybrid Solution” project. 

With the “Plug into a carbon- free future” motto, the Swedish company has developed a smart integrated heat pump solution, seeking to revolutionise the geothermal heat pump and district heating market.  MegaWatt Solutions believes in geoenergy as an alternative solution for replacing fossil fuels in large residential and commercial buildings, and for replacing small and medium-sized energy centres in district heating networks. The EBox (Energy-in-a-Box) has been created to match the intense demands for quick and mission-critical installations to meet national and global decarbonisation targets.

There are 3 core technologies siting in EBox:

  1. Their own designed high efficiency and high power heat pumps
  2. Rationalized Process: Industrialization
  3. Digital Control System

The EBox is preassembled, pre-packaged and pretested as an industrialised, digitalised and rationalised “plug-and-play” CO2 free solution, for heating, cooling and hot water in large real estate properties.

The fact that it is pretested in a factory, means that it can be installed on site both quickly and conveniently by connecting the EBox to predrilled boreholes, thus saving time, transport, labour and secure project quality. The installation can be scaled up by adding more heat pumps in the modular design or by connecting more EBoxes to each other. The project’s revolutionary modular “Lego” design also allows important components to be easily replaced in a matter of minutes while the EBox is still in operation.

Moreover, there is clear advantages in having an energy centre situated outside the building(s). The EBox creates a local grid that is easily accessible for maintenance that is greatly simplified by the modular design.   By employing a fully integrated SCADA system inside EBox system that is linked to the company’s MegaWatt Cloud server, EBox Users can optimise the energy supply and increases the energy performance.

When combined with carbon-free electricity generated by solar panels, wind power or hydropower, the EBox becomes a completely CO2 free & Carbon-free energy solution.

Thus, this heat pump installation is much more environmentally friendly than ordinary heat pumps as it produces only 3 grams of CO2 equivalents per kWh of heating.

The winner of this year edition will be announced in spring 2021.

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