Geothermal session during the European Sustainable Energy Week 2024


  • PUBLISHED: June 14, 2024

EGEC, in collaboration with EuroGeoSurveys, organized an exciting session on geothermal energy during the European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels. The session was held at the Charlemagne Building (European Commission) and was attended by over 100 people, both in person and online.

In light of the European Parliament’s resolution for a comprehensive European geothermal energy strategy, representatives from the European Commission, Member States, industry, research institutes, and civil society convened at the Geothermal session hosted at the European Sustainable Energy Week 2024 (EUSEW) to discuss the challenges, benefits, and opportunities for the widespread deployment of geothermal energy to achieve EU climate goals. The session addressed several key challenges: sharing national actions to boost geothermal investments, effective implementation of new permitting rules, the uptake of innovative business models, and workforce skilling.

Łukasz Koliński, Head of Unit for Renewables and Energy System Integration Policy, DG Energy, European Commission said – “Geothermal is a growing technology, and its high potential is reflected in the interest of the policymakers.”

“Geothermal is a renewable, reliable source of energy for power generation, heating and cooling”. “It is a key component of the energy strategy.” mentioned Laura Carlier, Advisor to the Minister of Energy, Government of the Wallonia-Brussels.

“Geothermal is going to play a big role in the decarbonisation process, especially in cities with district heating and cooling”. -said Adrian Hiel, Head of Media and Campaigns, Energy Cities.

Marco Baresi, Institutional Affairs & Marketing Director, Turboden S.p.A. mentioned that -”Without a strategy for geothermal, it is difficult to scale up geothermal and get from MW to GW. Europe can play a role as a key manufacturer in the geothermal sector.”

“Geology doesn’t stop at the border. Using common standards and approaches is necessary for a European geothermal strategy”. said Julie Hollis, EuroGeoSurveys Secretary-General.

The event highlighted geothermal energy’s potential as a growing technology for renewable heat. Discussions revolved around the slow progress in increasing renewable heat usage, existing policy frameworks, national plans for 2030, and the critical role of geothermal energy in achieving sustainable energy goals. Presentations underscored the European Commission’s priorities, regional government initiatives in Wallonia, Belgium, and the development of geothermal projects across various subdomains.

In case you missed it, take a look at the recording available here: EUSEW Interactive

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