Getting permitting of renewable investments right is critical to deliver the Green Deal


  • PUBLISHED: May 13, 2020

Today EGEC and seven other renewables associations (Bioenergy Europe, EREF, ESTELA, ESTIF, Ocean Energy Europe, SolarPower Europe and Wind Europe – sent a letter to the European Commission urging concrete action to solve permitting bottlenecks for renewables.

To achieve the 2050 decarbonisation targets and as part of the upcoming post COVID-19 Recovery Plan, the European Union must focus on projects that will support the delivery of the European Green Deal and will generate economic activity as soon as possible in all sectors of our economy.

Renewables are the technologies of choice: they are scalable, shovel-ready, cost-competitive and labor-rich. Addressing permitting bottlenecks is critical to unlock renewables’ potential and make investments happen.

Without an appropriate and simplified framework for permitting, the 2030 national renewable energy commitments remain purely academic. We therefore call on the European Commission to take further action to remove existing bottlenecks for the permitting of renewable energy projects in Europe.

This should be one of the key “implementation flagship initiatives” to support the transposition of the Clean Energy Package provisions and the delivery of Europe’s 2030 and 2050 climate and energy targets.

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