IRENA Coalition for Action calls for a Green Recovery


  • PUBLISHED: April 28, 2020

EGEC joined the IRENA Coalition for Action in urging governments to prioritise renewable energies in any COVID 19 recovery measures as renewables are a key part of the solution.

The Coalition brings together 100 leading renewable energy players from around the world under IRENA’s coordination with the common goal of advancing the uptake of renewable energy.

The call presents 8 main points:

  • Revisit deadlines for renewable energy projects that face contractual obligations for near-term delivery.
  • Designate the renewable energy industry and related infrastructure as a critical and essential sector.
  • Affirm and extend policies promoting renewable energy solutions, both centralised and decentralised.
  • Prioritise renewable energy in any stimulus measures and commit to phasing out support for fossil fuels.
  • Provide public financial support to safeguard the industry and mobilise private investment in renewable energy.
  • Enhance the role of renewable energy in industrial policies.
  • Revise labour and education policies to foster a just transition and help workers make the shift into renewable energy jobs.
  • Strengthen international co-operation and action to accelerate renewable energy deployment in line with global climate and sustainability objectives.

Read the IRENA Call to Action in response to COVID 19

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