Press Release: EGEC calls for the inclusion of a Geothermal Strategy in the European Commission’s Climate Target for 2040


  • PUBLISHED: February 6, 2024

Brussels, 6th February 2024 – The European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) welcomes the European Commission’s Communication on the climate target 2040. However, we are concerned that Communication and modelling do not provide adequate coverage of the requirements for heat decarbonisation and overlook the vital role of geothermal heating, cooling, electricity, storage (thermal and electrical) or sustainable lithium extraction.

Geothermal must be recognised as a key solution for the defossilised energy sector because it is local, abundant, sustainable and resilient from external supply-chain pressures.

It is essential to accelerate the mass deployment of market-ready geothermal technologies. We call on the European Commission to bring forward the EU geothermal strategy demanded by the European Parliament, as it is essential to growing the European workforce and domestic supply chains and reducing everyone’s energy costs.

“It is impossible to meet the 2040 climate targets without mass deployment of geothermal, this unique renewable energy”, says Philippe Dumas, EGEC Secretary-General. “Ignoring geothermal has resulted in an expensive and doubtful modelling exercise rather than the inclusive, rapid and cheapest pathway to climate neutrality.”

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  • Philippe Dumas / Secretary-General /  // +32 497 45 44 37
  • Sanjeev Kumar / Head of Policy / // +32 499 539731

About EGEC – European Geothermal Energy Council

The European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) is a not-for-profit organisation promoting all aspects of the geothermal industry. Founded in 1998, its objective is to facilitate awareness and expansion of geothermal applications across Europe by shaping policy, improving investment conditions and steering research.

It has over 200 members from 30 countries, ranging from developers to equipment manufacturers, energy providers, national associations, consultants, research centres, geological surveys, government agencies, departments and public authorities. This allows EGEC to represent the entire geothermal sector.

EGEC is listed in the European Transparency Register No. 11458103335-07

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