Geothermal country fiches: key proposals for geothermal in European Countries


  • PUBLISHED: September 13, 2019

As the different EU Member States are drafting their National Energy and Climate Plans where they outline their policies for increasing the share of renewable energy, EGEC comes up with a set of country fiches to inform the debate about the prospects for geothermal energy across Europe.

The key message of the various country fiches, which do not claim to be an exhaustive document or even an exact prediction of what should the national geothermal energy objectives, is that the past need not look like the future.
Netherlands, Turkey and Sweden are major examples of how the geothermal sector can rapidly scale up with the right policies in place. As the timeframe to achieve put the EU economy on track to decarbonisation is narrowing, scaling up key solutions such as geothermal is a low hanging fruit.

EGEC members and the geothermal community are welcome to provide inputs and comments on specific country fiches to Thomas Garabetian, EGEC policy Advisor:

Missing countries will be added shortly

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