Over 200 stakeholders call for a European geothermal strategy and action plan to be prioritised by the European Commission


  • PUBLISHED: June 5, 2024

Over 200 stakeholders across the value chain of the geothermal sector, government agencies, municipalities, consumers, academia, researchers, think-tanks and civil society called on the European Commission to prepare a European geothermal energy strategy and action plan.  

This comes after both the European Parliament and Committee of the Regions voted with almost unanimity in favour of a European strategy on geothermal earlier this year.  

A European strategy and action plan are urgently needed to unlock geothermal now,” said Philippe Dumas, Secretary General of the European Geothermal Energy Council. 

“Geothermal is the glue that delivers a rapid, inclusive and large-scale energy transition” he added. “It’s impossible to ignore geothermal any longer,” he concluded.  

Geothermal is a major source of renewable heating, cooling, electricity, the lowest cost energy storage as well as the most sustainable means of extracting lithium and other resources. Countries such Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland and Poland have national geothermal roadmaps to support investment and grow their industrial bases.  

The letter called for: 

  1. A target of 250 GWs of geothermal energy by 2040 in electricity; heating and cooling (district heating and cooling systems, networked geothermal and standalone geothermal heat pumps); for use in public, residential and commercial buildings; agriculture; electricity generation, transport and manufacturing sectors;  
  2. Harmonisation and development of new support schemes, including cross-border financial risk guarantees; 
  3. Endorsement of the Geothermal Industrial Alliance; 
  4. Accessibility of energy demand and geological data;  
  5. Skilling workers, municipal network planners and permitting agencies; 
  6. Strengthening innovation and leadership of the EU domestic manufacturing industry. 


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