EGEC and the French Industry calling for stability for geothermal electricity in France


  • PUBLISHED: January 16, 2020

Following the proposal in the PPE (multiannual programming for energy) by the French Government to stop financial support to geothermal electricity, EGEC and the French industry call for a stable and forward looking framework.

This proposal comes as the French geothermal industry has been a leader in the implementation of crucial innovations that are being replicated throughout Europe and the world, opening the possibility for deploying geothermal electricity anywhere and strengthening the independence of the EU in critical raw materials for the energy transition and the digital economy such as lithium.

The support to geothermal electricity in France corresponds to an investment in the emergence of an innovative industrial sector and should be considered as such. The geothermal industry has proven its capacity to meet the needs for innovation and to bring its technologies to market, but this requires a stable framework that accompanies innovative renewable technologies towards market maturity, instead of confronting them to market conditions defined by dramatic imbalances in favour of incumbent fossil and conventional technologies.

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