EGEC inputs to the consultation on the rules for sustainable investments: for a framework in favour of geothermal that does not support fossil fuels


  • PUBLISHED: April 24, 2020

Inception Impact Assessment on a Delegated Regulation on a climate change mitigation and adaptation.

We welcome this opportunity to comment on the upcoming Delegated Act on climate change and mitigation. For EGEC to recommend to EU policy makers to support the Delegated Act, the Technical Screening Criteria should be:

  1.  Consistent: There are significant discrepancies in the application of thresholds for some renewable energy solutions and others;
  2.  Reflective of real-word standards and lifecycle assessments;
  3.  Discriminatory against products and activities that contribute to the climate crisis and do harm or carry significant risk of harm to citizens in one or many Member States;
  4. Representative: The proposed Sustainable Finance Platform must be confined to representatives of the finance, renewable energy, energy efficiency and other sectors that do no harm or make significant contributions to the climate crisis.

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