EGEC key recommendations on the sustainable finance and geothermal energy


  • PUBLISHED: July 16, 2020

The sustainable finance regulation is a key opportunity to unlock the access to public and private finance for key renewable energy technologies, allowing the EU to implement its decarbonisation objectives. The implementation of the sustainable finance regulation, the establishment of a sustainable finance framework and the financing of sustainable investment however requires stakeholders to understand the needs of specific technologies that actively contribute to these objectives.

The financing of a geothermal energy project depends on many factors, chiefly technology, type of production and scale. The first takeaway of this publication should be that the right scheme is crucial for the success of geothermal project development. This is true for all geothermal technologies. Geothermal projects do not require more public support than other renewable technologies, they merely require support to be provided at a level that is aligned with technology and market maturity. Besides, the financial instruments available to geothermal projects for private or public finance must also be adapted to the specific requirements of geothermal projects.

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