EGEC reaction to the European Parliament vote on Projects of Common interest


  • PUBLISHED: February 13, 2020

The European Union is looking to engage a deep decarbonisation of the economy, which obliges looking at synergies between sectors to make the best out of the renewable energy installed. The geothermal sector stands at the crossroad of such smart energy systems, and EGEC is putting forward proposals on what should be done for this process to be implemented successfully.

In February 2020, the European Parliament voted on a list of so-called “projects of common interests”, validating a set of gas projects that lock-in a considerable amount of public monies in fossil fuel investments.
EGEC, along its position to reject any form of subsidies to fossil fuel projects, is proposing the redirection of PCI funding into the infrastructure that allows to establish a heat market that is built around renewable energy sources.

Download the EGEC position

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