EGEC position paper on TEN-E


  • PUBLISHED: April 8, 2021

EGEC published its position paper on the regulation on guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure (TEN-E).

Geothermal heating, cooling and electricity provide local solutions to EU ambitious decarbonisation targets. Unfortunately, these options are locked out of the TEN-E because the regulation does not reflect the changing, increasingly decentralised character of the energy landscape in Europe. While TEN-E remains focused on importing fossil fuels from outside the EU, local, cheaper and climate-friendly solutions are readily available and should be acknowledged in the revision. In reaction to the ongoing debate on the TEN-E revision, EGEC published its position paper with policy recommendations on including district heating and cooling systems in the revised regulation to capture its potential in reaching the Green Deal and decarbonisation targets.

You can read the full document here : TEN-E Position paper_EGEC

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