Industry call to the EU: “We cannot lose the global race for this sustainable local resource”


  • PUBLISHED: April 5, 2022

The Batteries Strategy cannot be implemented without a sustainable supply of Lithium, with security of supply ‘Made in Europe’.

Europe needs a secure and local geothermal lithium supply made in Europe. Lithium is the co-product of geothermal energy supply.

The region has significant potential for lithium extracted from geothermal waters, but needs investment and support to develop these resources and the extraction technologies in time to meet rising lithium demand from the global battery industry.
The global race to bring to market geothermal lithium requires an immediate European financial public support, to ensure Europe secures a sustainable and local lithium supply.

The USA, New Zealand and Australian public funding agencies are bringing big support to their geothermal industry.
The European geothermal industry needs now a public financial support to advance geothermal lithium recovery opportunities.
The geothermal industry in Europe has already invested more than EUR 50 million to bring a technology to demonstration level. To achieve commercial extraction pf lithium from geothermal within 2 years, Europe needs to invest immediately in these technologies.

The geothermal industry calls for a funding programme and an industrial strategy to be included in the REPowerEU plan, to establish a sustainable geothermal lithium battery value chain in Europe.

The policy architecture to deliver self sufficiency in geothermal lithium production requires:

• Incentives: the European industry needs a dedicated funding programme to develop innovation, invest in new projects, scale up, and lead the global geothermal lithium race
• Clear target: 25% of lithium used in EU battery manufacture should come from European geothermal resources by 2030
• Map of European resources: funding for geothermal resources assessment
• Fewer administrative burdens: the administration and licensing for geothermal lithium should be streamlined to accelerate development

Download the full geothermal industry call for a sustainable supply of lithium made in Europe

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