Joint Press Release: Europe must diversify its renewable energy supply to avoid future shocks


  • PUBLISHED: October 26, 2021

Brussels 26 October: Reacting to the conclusions of the extraordinary Energy Council, the heads of 7 renewable energy associations call upon Europe to prioritise the diversification of renewable energy supply as a matter of urgency. A wider range of renewables will deliver a cleaner energy system that protects citizens and businesses from future energy shocks.

To deliver on this 100% renewables future, action is needed now:

• The revised Renewables Directive needs a sub-target to incentivise national governments to roll out innovative and diverse renewable sources by 2030;

• The 2022-23 Horizon Europe Work Programme should prioritise diverse renewable energy technologies with the greatest potential for innovation and scale-up;

• The European Commission needs to start modelling how a system of diverse renewables will operate, and to inform policy-making with these findings.


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