Joint position paper on the Renewable Energy Directive III


  • PUBLISHED: April 15, 2021

EGEC Goethermal and 8 other associations signed a joint position on innovative technologies in the RED III. The Commission’s assessment of the 27 National Energy & Climate Plans is stark – Member States are currently not harnessing R&I to deliver on their climate and energy objectives.

  To reach climate neutrality by 2050, and to strengthen Europe’s global leadership in renewables, new innovations must be brought to market this decade.

  Technologies such as geothermal, solar heating and cooling, next generation PV, next generation heat pump technologies, floating wind, concentrated solar power, ocean energy and bioenergy can then:  

  • Diversify the post-2030 energy mix
  • Facilitate the decarbonisation of energy supply, including power generation, heating and cooling supply and the transport sector
  • Balance a grid with a very high penetration of variable generation
  • Create high-value jobs and contribute to Europe’s technological and industrial leadership in the green economy

Read the full position paper here

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