Modernising EU’s battery legislation: an opportunity for geothermal lithium


  • PUBLISHED: March 3, 2021

The European Commission opened a public consultation to collect stakeholders’ views on the proposed Regulation to modernise the EU’s batteries legislation.

We welcome the opportunity to respond to the consultation on Modernising the EU’s batteries legislation and wider process. Our observations and recommendations are:

  1. Prioritisation of raw material extraction: We agree with the European Commission’s approach to developing measures that will address all phases of the battery life cycle, from raw material extraction and pre-processing to end of life phase. Along with recycling, EU’s batteries legislation should give adequate visibility to the raw material extraction stage of the battery supply chain.
  2. Sustainable sourcing of critical raw materials: We recommend including a definition of “sustainable sourcing” that takes into account associated environmental and social impacts, in light of the importance of lithium and other critical raw materials for the battery value chain.


Read EGEC’s full position on the EU’s battery legislation

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