NECPs – Country fiches on geothermal energy market potential to 2030


  • PUBLISHED: April 12, 2019

In the process of the implementation of the Governance Regulation, which defines how the EU targets on climate and energy will be achieved by 2030, Member States have submitted draft National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs), in which they outline the level of ambition they would pursue in the coming decade, and the policies measure that should enable it.

These draft plans, which must then collectively amount to the EU targets of 40% Greenhouse Gas emmissions reduction, 32% Renewable energy and 32.5% of energy efficiency, and respect the different provisions set by the Clean Energy for All European Package. The European Commission is therefore reviewing these plans to ensure consistency with the targets and the legislative framework.

Among the outcomes of these plans once finalised, would be trajectories for the deployment of renewable enegergy by sectors and by energy sources, as well as policies to outline how these trajectories should be fulfilled. Moreover, the process of the NECPs include a public consultation, to which EGEC is developping a set of country fiches to outline:
– The current state of the geothermal energy sector in a given country;
– The geothermal resource potential (based on available data);
– The regulatory framework;
The Fiche then proposes:
– Market development dynamics, starting from a baseline that is EGEC’s geothermal market data;
– Key policy recommendations to enable the achievement of these geothermal development trajectories proposal.

Below are the country fiche documents:

Country fiche FRANCE

Country Fiches GERMANY

Country Fiches ITALY

Country Fiches POLAND

Country Fiches NETHERLANDS

Country Fiches HUNGARY

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