Geothermal energy provides the ‘smart’ in sector integration


  • PUBLISHED: April 9, 2020

EGEC outlined the key foundations for an effective Smart Sector Integration plan to accelerate energy transition and decarbonisation.

The European Commission has focused on a ‘Smart Sector Integration’ plan to underpin the European Green Deal. The intention is to maximise technological and policy synergies in the decarbonisation of one sector with others to accelerate attainment of zero-carbon emissions in heating, buildings, mobility and power generation before 2050.

Geothermal energy provides ample supplies of renewable heating, cooling and electricity for buildings and industry. Geothermal lithium, a by-product in geothermal heat and electricity systems, is the game-changer for decarbonisation of mobility.

Deploying renewable heating, cooling and electricity combined with energy efficiency is the high-impact, low-risk pathway to meeting the EU’s zero-carbon targets. The alternative is costly reliance on fossil fuels and other resource intensive solutions which are the low-impact, high-risk pathway.

 EGEC’s smart sector integration paper

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