SAPHEA – Developing a single access point for the market uptake of geothermal energy use in multivalent heating and cooling networks across Europe


In a nutshell

Funding programHORIZON-CL5-2021-D3-02-03 Runtime10/2022 to 06/2025
ConsortiumGeological Survey of Austria (AT), e-think (AT), AGH University of Science and Technology (PL), University of Turin (IT), European Geothermal Energy Council (BE), VIA University College (DK), Technical University of Vienna (AT), Technical University of Munich (DE), ENGIE (FR), Geothermal Engineering Ltd. (Associated Partner, UK).  
ScopeIntegrating geothermal energy (source and storage) at its full technological range into heating (and cooling) networks at temperature ranges between <30°C and up to ~100°C (‘geoHC networks’)


  • Establishing a digital access point for decision making support and consultancy on geothermal energy use in heating and cooling networks
  • Adapting and upgrading existing datasets and tools for early stage investment decisions and strategic planning of energy suppliers, communities and municipalities
  • Fostering supportive market frameworks to facilitate future investments into ‘geoHC networks’
  • Reducing social gaps and barriers to bring ‘geoHC networks’ closer to regional stakeholders across Europe
  • Empowering future investors and operators of ‘geoHC networks’


  • Investigating key techno-socio-economic drivers to make ‘geoHC networks’ more attractive
  • Integrating geoscientific data and knowledge into existing decision support tools
  • Developing digital interfaces for providing guidance to stakeholders in Europe (e.g. energy suppliers or communities)
  • Developing a web based hub as well as a network for geothermal energy use in heating and cooling networks
  • Knowledge transfer and capacity building  

Expected outcomes

TitleType TitleType
Status report on key market driversReport Technological catalogue of ‘geoHC network’ schemes at different MRLsReport
Status report and adapted blueprints of business models related to geoHC networksReport Status report and recommendations concerning regulatory and policy frameworks in EuropeReport
Status report and adapted blueprints of financial mechanisms & schemesReport Status report on socio-environmental conditions concerning the implementation of ‘geoHC networks’Report
Open-source toolboxes for early stage decision support and strategic planningTools Digital Market Hub on geoHC networks including an interactive guideline (‘Gamebook’) for strategic planningTool
Strategic roadmaps towards the integration of geothermal energy in heating and cooling networksReport / Tool Stakeholder trainings and tutorialsTrainings
Dedicated web portal and digital communication campaignsTools Targeted events introducing the annual ‘Geothermal DHC day’ eventEvents

Why getting involved in SAPHEA

  • All outputs od SAPHEA including the digital decision support and strategic planning tools will cover all Europe on a basic level of detailed by adapting existing toolboxes,
  • All outputs will be tested in pre-defined ‘project study areas’ in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Italy, France and the UK while distinguishing between ‘lighthouse-‘ and ‘challenge regions
  • We invite energy suppliers, communities and municipal energy planners from all across Europe to become a ‘follower study area’ of SAPHEA and test the developed tools and to support fact finding missions
  • SAPHEA furthermore aims at building up a network of competence and interest on the use of geothermal energy in heating and cooling networks in Europe – we offer various physical and digital activities to get involved into fact finding and knowledge transfer missions for improving the framework of ‘geoHC networks’ in Europe 

SAPHEA will further capitalize the existing, pan European research network of the EU COST Action ‘Geothermal-DHC’ – for more information please visit


For more information on SAPHEA and your possible involvement into the project, please contact the coordinator, Gregor Goetzl (Geological Survey of Austria), at  
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