Save the Date: Geothermal Power 2024!


  • PUBLISHED: April 29, 2024

The inaugural edition of “Geothermal Power: The Light Under Your Feet” is set to illuminate Brussels, Belgium, on 3 July 2024!

Hosted by the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC), this high-level conference will bring together the European Commission, the European Parliament and Member States alongside investors and industry leaders to explore the market and regulatory opportunities to increase the pace of investment in three sessions – i) baseload geothermal electricity; ii) energy storage; and iii) lithium.

Geothermal energy stands at the forefront of Europe’s journey toward a post-fossil fuel era, offering a reliable, resilient, renewable, and local energy source. As our society progresses and continues to decarbonise, geothermal is the only energy source with the versatility to supply local raw materials, electricity, heating, cooling, and energy storage. The approval of a European Geothermal Strategy, accompanied by a clear roadmap for mass deployment, has become imperative for the European Union’s sustainable energy transition.

Key Highlights

  • Unlocking geothermal energy in Europe:
  • Enhancing competitiveness and regulatory framework for energy storage
  • Market evolution and technology innovations in geothermal lithium

Mark your calendars for the first edition of Geothermal Power 2024 this 3rd of July 2024!  This event promises to be the place for innovation and collaboration to deploy the full potential of geothermal energy.

Save the Date and Join Us in Brussels on the 3rd July 2024! EGEC will illuminate the path towards the green revolution powered by the light under our feet.

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