The largest annual gathering in Europe of shallow geothermal energy stakeholders


  • PUBLISHED: July 6, 2022

The European Shallow Geothermal Days event is the largest annual gathering in Europe of shallow geothermal energy stakeholders. With more markets opening up to the geothermal energy opportunity, SGD 2022 was the perfect place to network and learn with key players from the sector.

This year, the European Shallow Geothermal Days took place in Barcelona, Spain from the 14th to the 15th of June. It was attended by more than 100 shallow geothermal representatives. The event ended by visiting the shallow geothermal installation of the Modernist Sant Pau Hospital.

All presentations are available online.
With its REPowerEU action plan from May 2022, the European Commission strives to achieve energy security and independence in the next few years. The dramatic rise of fossil energy prices requires the right answer for the heating and cooling of our buildings and our industry: shallow geothermal is part of this solution.
Shallow geothermal energy represents a well-developed, non-volatile and clean technology for providing efficient, competitive and local  heating and cooling across Europe. Still, it is widely considered as a niche technology with 2 million geothermal HP units and hundreds of Underground Thermal Energy Storage systems at shallow depth, however it has the potential to become a powerful game changer towards a decarbonized heating and cooling technology.

The current decade 2020/2030 is crucial to switch from fossil to geothermal heating and cooling.

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