Vision for Deep Geothermal: Looking towards 2050


  • PUBLISHED: March 27, 2018

In the birthplace of geothermal energy (Pisa, Italy), the European Technology & Innovation Platform on Deep Geothermal has presented its “Vision for Deep Geothermal” to look at future development of deep geothermal energy and highlight the great potential of untapped geothermal resources across Europe.

Meeting this week in Tuscany, a region where geothermal already employs nearly 10,000 people and provides clean and reliable energy to thousands more, helping reduce dependency from fossil fuels imports, the ETIP-DG releases its Vision document and launches works on its Strategic Research Agenda.

“Our Vision is that by 2050 geothermal energy can cover a significant part of domestic heat and electricity demand,” said Ruggero Bertani, Chairman of the ETIP-DG. “As a local and stable source of renewable energy, geothermal will be crucial in the future energy system, providing power, heat and thermal storage.”

The publication highlights how the success of the energy transition entails designing optimal scenarios in terms of costs and affordability for the customers and the citizens, while guaranteeing energy comfort. The Vision is designed to trigger a debate about how best to achieve a future for geothermal energy in Europe that is secure, affordable and carbon free, and which has the least impact on nature. It puts forward ten key messages (see below), which include growth, a focus on resource potential, sustainability, cogeneration and hybridisation, without forgetting the social dimension.

In the upcoming months, the Strategic Research Agenda and Roadmap documents will outline the research priorities to develop between now and 2050 if this Vision is to be achieved.

Download the Vision for Deep Geothermal

Download the full press release

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Vision for Deep Geothermal: Key Messages

  • Resource potential: Geothermal is a widely available energy source, since underground heat is available everywhere
  • Fit for purpose: Geothermal has a large margin of progress in numerous applications and places
  • Stability & availability: Geothermal energy is available around the clock and has a predictable output
  • Growth: Geothermal resources are yet to be developed in most parts of the world and are ready to become a local economic development booster
  • Sustainability: The geothermal environmental footprint is much lower than those of other energy sources
  • Cogeneration & hybridization: Geothermal can be combined with other energy sources and technologies to increase efficiency
  • Flexibility: Geothermal can be adapted to any type of energy demand, providing base load energy when needed
  • Optimization: Geothermal is a versatile energy, whose multiple-applications are optimized by cascade uses of heat
  • Cool & appealing: beside cooling the air of our houses, working spaces, malls, airport… geothermal is simply beautiful because it is essentially invisible
  • Market penetration & social dimension: Geothermal is a domestic and green resource, secure, stable, clean, and contributes to energy efficiency
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