• Unlocking the potential of geothermal energy in islands

    PUBLISHED: September 22, 2017

    European islands often face significant challenges when it comes to energy supply and energy costs. Due to geographic location, small economies of scale, and limited or absent interconnection to the mainland or to other islands, many islands are still heavily dependent upon costly imported fossil fuels to generate electricity or to meet their heating and cooling needs. To tackle this issue, the European Commission is now launching the Clean Energy for All Europeans Islands Initiative, which aims to accelerate the clean energy transition on islands, ensuring secure and cheap energy to their citizens, and create local jobs.

  • Events line up for a full geothermal week

    PUBLISHED: September 11, 2017

    A week full of important geothermal events is beginning today.

    The first day has seen the inauguration of the High Level Conference of the Global Geothermal Alliance in Florence, Italy (11-12 September). The conference, which saw the participation of Ministers from all over the world as well as representative of the private sector, addresses what are the main barriers that have hindered the deployment of geothermal despite its vast potential and how to overcome them. The event is a significant step that signals the importance of geothermal for the development of clean energy.

  • Ministerial Meeting Gathers in Italy to Scale-Up Geothermal Energy Worldwide

    PUBLISHED: September 6, 2017

    Leaders and ministers from more than 25 governments will meet in Florence, Italy on 11 September, to accelerate the global adoption of geothermal energy. The Global Geothermal Alliance (GGA) meeting represents the largest such ministerial gathering dedicated to geothermal energy development.



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